First of all he looks like Smiegel or Golem,which ever one you prefer.  He also is bald and will never be able to grow any facial hair or hair on his head.  No one likes him and if i ever meet anyone who does, i will beat them until i convince them that Ray sucks. All he does in the NBA is come off screens and shoots threes.  And if you have been keeping up with him, he isnt doing that well.  He dosent even have eyebrows lol.  Looks like he has that one K9 disease from that one Will Smith movie.  Have you noticed that the only reason that he goes to the All Star game is because he is replacing REAL STARS WHO ARE INJURED. He isnt even a real person, he's some sort of alien.  Boston dosent even suck, he just sucks.  

This is what Ray Allen was saying while he was crying:  "Help me Kevin!! Sasha is being mean to me"

And in this one he cried: "C'mon ref where is the foul, i dont think the Pau should get away with this.  Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Pau is making fun of me and yelling at me" 

 Man do i wish that actually happened to Ray Allen.  This is what would have happened if he went into the NFL.

I hate to be Ray Allen here or anytime as a matter of fact.  Kobe just destroys him really bad.

WOW!!!! 2 times!!!! How can Ray Allen live with himself after this.  I think that Ray Allen got blocked so bad that he lost all his hair.

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